Clamp-On Muzzle Brakes

clamp-on muzzle brakes

Are you thinking of putting a clamp-on muzzle brake on your gun? As you may know, muzzle brakes are useful for decreasing recoil during the shot, as well as dispersing smoke and increasing accuracy. However, the real conundrum comes when you have to choose between a clamp-on and a threaded-on muzzle brake.

What’s the difference? To start off, clamp-on muzzle brakes can be installed without the need to modify the barrel of your gun. In that sense, they are apparently easier and faster to remove and put back. But be careful! If a clamp-on muzzle brake is not installed correctly, it can move and affect shot accuracy. So if you are not sure how to install one, we suggest reading our detailed guide, just to be safe.

Whether you own a rifle or shotgun, a clamp-on muzzle brake can always come in handy. So take a look below and find your firearm the complement it needs. If none seem to do your gun justice, remember you can always customize it.

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