Man holding a handgun for maximum accuracy

How should you hold a handgun for maximum accuracy?

  • 07 Mar, 2023
Man holding a handgun for maximum accuracy

We’ve all probably seen it – the perfection Hollywood stars seem to pull off when it comes to their handgun skills on the big screen. The precision, the grace and the effortless know-how each time they pull the trigger.

While us average Joes may never reach such star-studded heights, there are excellent tips out there to get us as close to Hollywood-level form as possible – and we happen to have some to share with you right now!

With these professional tricks of the trade in mind and just a little time and effort, you’ll be able to give it your best shot every single time.

Let’s dive right in to how you should hold a handgun for maximum accuracy through the following five essential points.


Without question, the way you grip your handgun can have a significant impact on your accuracy.

Your grip should be firm, but not so tight that it causes your hand to shake.

Additionally, your dominant hand should be placed high on the grip, while your non-dominant hand should be wrapped around the dominant hand.

Make sure your fingers are wrapped around the grip and your thumb is pointing forward. This helps you maintain a steady hold on your handgun.


Proper stance also plays a crucial role in your accuracy. As such, it should always be part of your handgun prep routine. 

Monitoring your form is integral, too. Whenever you feel it’s been shifted out of place, take a minute to stop and re-adjust – it’s worth it!

As for what a proper stance entails, always stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent.

Your weight should be evenly distributed between both feet and your body should be positioned slightly forward. This helps you absorb the recoil and maintain balance while shooting.

Sight Alignment

The way you align your sights is another paramount aspect when it comes to handgun accuracy.

Your front sight should be centered in your rear sight and the top of the front sight should be leveled with the top of the rear sight. This helps ensure your handgun is pointing in the right direction.

Trigger Control

Correct trigger control is yet another important component of handgun accuracy – after all, success is often in the details, such as this one!

Your trigger finger should be placed on the trigger pad, and you should pull the trigger straight back. Make sure to apply steady, consistent pressure to it and avoid jerking or flinching.


Perhaps a rather underestimated point, the way you breathe can also impact your handgun performance.

A major fundamental, it’s important to apply your breathing well in order to stay calm and collected, but to also utilize it further to improve your accuracy.

Before pulling the trigger, take a deep breath and hold it for a moment. This will help steady your aim and maintain focus – just remember to breathe out afterward, too!

What else can you do?

Often the barrel of a handgun rises after the shot, which can slightly affect accuracy.

A compensator or muzzle brake can decrease recoil and increase accuracy. Not to mention, it can also disperse the smoke and allow you to see more clearly.

As it so happens, we at Grizzly Gunworks carry an extensive range of handgun compensators and many other premium, innovative devices for your gear.

As always, check out our Instagram or email us with any inquiries you may have, and achieve handgun greatness with Grizzly Gunworks today!