Defcon 1 LITE 6.5 GRENDEL Rifle Thread-On Muzzle Brake – 9/16 x 24 – 5/8 x 24 – 6.5 Grendel .


INSTALLATION GUIDE for the Defcon 1 LITE 6.5 Grendel Thread-On Muzzle Brake - 9/16 x 24 and 5/8 x 24 threading GGW Defcon 1 LITE 6.5 Grendel Rifle Thread-On Muzzle Brake reduces recoil by a minimum of 65%, eliminates muzzle rise, dust signature and rifle torque. The Defcon 1 LITE is made of the highest quality material and workmanship to deliver high performance and recoil reduction, keeping you on target, while increasing accuracy. Available in 416 Stainless Steel; coated with durable and impact resistant Cerakote paint. Grizzly Gunworks Thread-On Muzzle Brakes are made custom for your rifle chambered in 6.5 Grendel; according to your specifications, therefore, producing a uniquely designed Muzzle Brake to perfectly fit your firearm. Grizzly Gunworks Thread-On Muzzle Brakes are customizable offering a minimum of seventeen colors and finishes. Quickly and easily install your Thread-On Muzzle Brake with zero gunsmithing. You are purchasing a Thread-On Muzzle Brake that is made for a threaded barrel. Grizzly Gunworks offers Muzzle Brakes for threaded and non-threaded barrels. HIGH QUALITY HEX JAM NUT: A built in precision Hex Jam Nut is included with every LITE Muzzle Brake purchase. Quickly and accurately index and your LITE Muzzle Brake.
Colors: Standard three colors and finishes are available at NO extra charge:
  • Armor Black
  • Flat Dark Earth
  • Bead Blast Dull Finish
All other custom colors and bead blast polished finish are an additional coating charge of $70.00 U.S.


  • Approximate Dimensions:

    Length : 2.5"
    Width: 1.0"
    Thickness: 0.9"
  • Material and Weight:

    416 Stainless Steel: 3.7 oz
  • Threading:

    9/16 x 24 and 5/8 x 24
  • Recoil Reduction:

    Minimum 70%
  • Caliber:

    6.5 Grendel
  • 6.5 Grendel Models:

    Grizzly Gunworks LITE Thread-On Muzzle Brakes are available for all rifles chambered in 6.5 Grendel, including and not limited to: ArmaLite Defender AR-15, DPMS AR-15, LWRC International AR-15, Rock River Arms LAR-15, Daniel Defence M4, Sig Sauer M400, Anderson Arms AM14-M4, Colt LE AR-15, Bushmaster AR-15, Windham Weaponry, Ruger AR-556 , Colt XM Commando, STAG-15, Bravo Company, Wilson Combat, Alexander Arms, Kriss USA Defiance AR-15, Barrett AR-15 and Smith & Wesson M&P AR-15.