Mini Ghost FNX 45 Tactical Handgun Thread-On Compensator – .578 x 28 – .45 .


INSTALLATION GUIDE for the Mini Ghost FNX 45 Tactical Handgun Thread-On Compensator - .578 x 28 threading GGW Mini Ghost FNX 45 Tactical Handgun Thread-On Compensator reduces recoil by a minimum of 75% and eliminates muzzle rise. The Mini Ghost is made of the highest quality materials and workmanship to deliver high performance and recoil reduction, keeping you on target, while increasing accuracy. Available in 7075 Aircraft Aluminum for the .45 caliber; coated with durable and impact resistant Cerakote paint. Grizzly Gunworks Thread-On Handgun Compensators are made custom for your FNX .45; according to your specifications, therefore, producing a uniquely designed Compensator to perfectly fit your handgun. Grizzly Gunworks Thread-On Compensators are customizable offering a minimum of fourteen colors and finishes. Quickly and easily install your Thread-On Comp with zero gunsmithing. You are purchasing a Thread-On Compensator that is made for a threaded barrel. Precision Compensator Timing: The Mini Ghost Handgun Compensator has a built-in Precision Hex Locking Nut for self-timing. Simply tighten the hex locking nut where needed to accurately index your Mini Ghost Compensator. Hex Nut 416 Stainless Steel
Colors: Standard three colors and finishes are available at NO extra charge:
  • Armor Black
  • Flat Dark Earth
  • Bead Blast - Dull Finish
All other custom colors and bead blast polished finish are an additional coating charge of $70.00 U.S.


  • Approximate Dimensions:

    Length : 1.725"
    Diameter: 0.875"
  • Material and Weight:

    .45 Caliber: 7075 Aircraft Aluminum 0.7 oz / Hex Nut 416 Stainless Steel
  • Threading:

    .578 x 28
  • Recoil Reduction:

    Minimum 75%
  • Caliber:

  • FN Models:

    Grizzly Gunworks Mini Ghost Handgun Compensators are made for the FN/ FNX with a threaded .578 x 28 barrel chambered in .45 ACP