Thread-On Muzzle Brakes


Looking for a threaded muzzle brake? These devices are as incredible as tiny. Not only do they decrease recoil during firing; they also disperse smoke and increase accuracy. Unlike clamp-on muzzle brakes, to install these you’ll need to permanently modify the barrel of your rifle. But it’s definitely worth the shot. Once in place, the bolt-on muzzle brake will stay firm and you’ll save yourself the uncertainty of having installed it incorrectly or moving when in use.

[Never installed a thread muzzle brake before? Then this guide may come in handy.]

You may very well find the threaded muzzle brake that your rifle, shotgun or handgun needs in the list below, but even if you don’t, you should know that we also make custom muzzle brakes. So, are you ready to upgrade your weapon once and for all.

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